Sketch Plugin: Sketch Color Vars

Sketch Color Vars is a plugin that will allow developers to export the fill colors of any shapes on any artboards to a set of variables supported by SCSS, LESS, Stylus and CSS.

The inspiration behind this project was the annoyance of copy/pasting color values from a color scheme or style tile developed in Sketch to my editor/project files. Regardless of what technique was used, it was still a time consuming process; granted we’re talking a few seconds for each copy/paste, but still those seconds add up.

The idea now is we can build the color scheme in Sketch, highlight all of the color shapes, and export the color values to a set of variables, in separate include files for each styling language all in one quick click.

The project's source code is hosted on GitHub, if you are a designer or developer and have any feedback, recommendations or additions to contribute, please don't hesitate to send me a pull request or setup an issue.