logo concepts and browser examples of the GSC Imaging web project

GSC Imaging

The GSC Imaging web project included a brand refresh and a completely new front end website. The site is built using a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

The Logo

GSC Imaging updated logo
GSC Imaging Logo - version 2.0

The Website

The site features very bright color combinations and includes a focus on the high quality of the product. Along with the updated, responsive design, the new big ticket item is the GSC Ink Finder - a dynamic, database driven search tool that allows users to find ink by brand, printer number or ink code. It takes a painful process of reviewing thousands of possible combinations and turns it into a simple search that saves time for everyone.

web browser showing GSC Ink Finder
GSC Ink Finder database driven search tool

You start by selected a brand, and then from there, search for anything you want (color, printer name/number, ink number etc.) and the results are displayed immediately via a AJAX based MySQL query.

Check out the entire project online at gscimaging.com